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5 Reasons Everyone Should Visit Toronto Canada

5 Reasons Everyone Should Visit Toronto, Canada: 

5 Reasons Everyone Should Visit Toronto

Few cities are considered must-go: Toronto is at the top of the list.  Diverse in views and people, with some of the most incredible art globally, this city has something for anyone.  You\’ll want to get lost in graffiti streets and get the inside word on when the pop-up festivals and shops are opening.  This city can make anyone feel like a local.

The Culture

Toronto is the most multicultural city on Earth.  Several publications rank it number one, and for a good reason: there are over 250 ethnicities in this city.  Everybody brings a bit of their culture to the table, allowing for a fantastic cultural exchange unlike any other. In Toronto, you can enjoy getting to know your fellow humans and thrive in a fantastic city at the same time.

The Food

Because of how varied Toronto is, there’s a wealth of restaurants and street food vendors ready to make you want to start searching for houses for sale in Toronto.  Many comfort foods, some fantastic Indian food, and a handful of high-end restaurants take up the top slots to locals, but there are also greasy spoon eateries and dives for those who want to stick to North American classics.  After all, you\’re in Canada- you can\’t leave without a deliciously greasy serving of poutine!

The Art

Art doesn’t just sit in museums and on walls in Toronto.  There are streets, like Graffiti Alley, which are dedicated to showing off alternative art forms.  You can enjoy sculpture in parks or watch as an artist creates with just paint on brick.  Because of the constantly changing art scene and how easy it is to wash a wall clean and start over, many people want to call Toronto home. 


Sure, staying in the city isn’t cheap.  If you\’re visiting, you\’ll have to rent an Airbnb in town or find a hotel outside of town and drive in: but almost everything else is affordable.  You can enjoy excellent public transit, cheap or free museums, and some of the gorgeous art and architecture all for free.  Many say that you can spend a day enjoying Toronto with food is the only thing you have to pay for: and even then you can find it cheap if you want to.

It Changes

If you go to Toronto today, and you come back in ten years, the city will have gone through another metamorphosis.  Every ten or so years, the residents seem to reinvent this city.  Whether it\’s when there was an obsession with hipster culture in the early 2010s or when in 2020, many people took up apartment gardening and cottagecore, there\’s a lot that changes.  This idea may seem strange to outsiders, but it\’s part of what makes Toronto incredible.  This city feels alive, like it has a pulse, and because of that, you should visit it to get to know what it\’s currently like: because it\’ll never be like this again.

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