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Hotel in Italy: Gruppo UNA

     Hotel in Italy: Gruppo UNA

With Gruppo UNA, you can enjoy your own unique Italian experience, savouring the country’s rich culture, stunning landscapes and divine cuisine. Three distinctive brands cater to everybody’s individual Italian dream: choose from the refined, personal UNA Esperienze, which offers an unforgettable taste of Italy’s elegant lifestyle; the stylish and practical UNAHOTELS, which takes you to the heart of the Italian soul; or the hands-on and smart UNAWAY hotels, your ideal partners for a comfortable and ever-memorable stay in Italy.

Gruppo UNA  offers guests a full and authentic glimpse of everything Italy has to offer with 37 unique hotels, resorts and aparthotels located in in 18 matchless Italy travel destinations across 10 regions of our beautiful country. No matter whether your Italian dream means a stay in an authentic Medieval town, a hideaway in the Tuscan hills, a smart hub in the heart of Milan or a relaxing coastal resort, Gruppo UNA takes you there.

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Gruppo UNA Special Offers:

From flash sales and percentage discounts to extended stay offers and more, Gruppo UNA provides guests a range of tailored special hotel offers in Italy, ensuring early birds and both new and returning guests alike can enjoy the very best of Gruppo UNA for less.

Gruppo UNA also offers a selection of tailored holiday packages, including special  celebrations, health and wellness experiences, cookery classes and golf and fitness packages for guests looking to add that special detail to their authentic holiday. Simply browse the selection of hotel deals in Italy below to discover countless ways of adding that finishing touch to your stay in Italy.

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Italy\’s most authentic hotels, resorts, villas and aparthotels Click here for more details.

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