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Puerto Rico Sightseeings

 Puerto Rico Sightseeings:





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Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and unincorporated U.S. territory with a landscape of mountains, waterfalls and the El Yunque tropical rainforest. In San Juan, the capital and largest city, the Isla Verde area is known for its hotel strip, beach bars and casinos. Its Old San Juan neighborhood features colorful Spanish colonial buildings and El Morro and La Fortaleza, massive, centuries-old fortresses.

El Yunque National Forest- El Yunque National Forest, formerly known as the Caribbean National Forest, is a forest located in northeastern Puerto Rico. It is the only tropical rainforest in the United States National Forest System and the United States Forest Service. This forest is commonly known as El Yunque, which may be attributed to either a Spanish approximation of the aboriginal Taíno word yu-ke which means \”white lands\”, or the word \”anvil,\” which is yunque in Spanish. The second-tallest mountain within El Yunque is also named El Yunque. El Yunque National Rainforest is located on the slopes of the Sierra de Luquillo mountains, encompassing 28,000 acres of land, making it the largest block of public land in Puerto Rico. The highest mountain peak in the forest rises 3,494 feet above sea level. Ample rainfall creates a jungle-like setting—lush foliage, crags, waterfalls, and rivers are a prevalent sight. The forest has a number of trails from which the jungle-like territory\’s flora and fauna can be appreciated. El Yunque is also renowned for its unique Taíno petroglyphs.

Catillo San Felipe Del Morro- Castillo San Felipe del Morro, also known as El Morro, is a citadel built between 16th and 18th centuries in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Cueva Ventana- Cueva Ventana is a large cave situated atop a limestone cliff in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, overlooking the Río Grande de Arecibo valley. It is visible from the PR-123 but is accessible from a trail that begins adjacent to a Puma gas station located along PR-10 on kilometer 75. The cave and surrounding land are privately owned.

Culebrita- Isla Culebrita is a small, uninhabited island off the eastern coast of Culebra, Puerto Rico and is part of the Puerto Rico Archipielago. Together with Cayo Botella off the northwestern point, and Pelá and Pelaita to the west, it belongs to the barrio Fraile of Culebra. It is a nature reserve and is part of the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge. The island is home to Culebrita Lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses in the Caribbean. Culebrita is only accessible by private boat from the main island of Culebra. 

Crash Boat Beach- Crash Boat Beach or Crashboat Beach on the northwestern coast of Puerto Rico is situated in the municipality of Aguadilla. Crash Boat is halfway between the Ramey Air Force Base and Aguadilla and still retains some remains of its pier infrastructure from when it was used to rescue downed air crews from Ramey Air Force Base. These pier remains are used as a fishing spot and for jumping into the waters. Crash Boat also has two large sand beach areas for general bathing. The beach is primarily accessed by taking PR-107 to a spur signed, PR-458.

Cueva Del Indio- Cueva del Indio, in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, is a prehistoric rock art site in what is now a public park. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. Artifacts at the site appear to stem from Late Ceramic Period, third phase, i.e. from A.D. 1200 to 1500.

Mar Chiquita Beach- Beach & natural pool protected by cliffs.

Cascada Gozalandia- Scenic waterfalls & swimming holes.

El Tunel De Guajataca- Guajataca Tunnel is a railroad tunnel that connected the town of Isabela and Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. The tunnel is one of the most significant work of the remnants of the national railway system that connected the island during the first half of the twentieth century. In 2000, the Government of Puerto Rico declared it a historical monument.

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