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5 Easy Things to Bring to a Cookout

 5 Easy Things to Bring to a Cookout

With summer right around the corner, many families, including your own, are starting to prepare. As of right now, you might be opening up your pool, firing up your grill, and getting your lawnmower back in running condition. All of this work to prepare for the summer will not go without reward.

Spring can be a pain because you have to prepare for the summer after the long winter. Even though spring can be a pain, there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. The summer festivities and events are well worth the preparation that occurs during the spring. Prevalent summer events are cookouts, and the best part about every cookout is that everyone chips in to bring a dish.


It is a typical clique to bring a casserole to a cookout or an event. Often, soups are stereotyped as bad, but if you made the right kind of casserole, it could be pretty tasty. Bringing a casserole to a cookout is a classic and one that everyone will enjoy. 

Hamburgers and or Hotdogs

With it being a cookout, the host is most likely frying up some hamburgers and hotdogs, so if you are the guy that gets there early and buys the main course for everyone, you are well-loved with the cookout community. Not to mention it is straightforward, you don\’t even have to cook them!

Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is a well-known dish among family gatherings and cookouts, but it is also a favorite. You rarely walk past a plate that doesn\’t have pasta salad on it. Plus, a big bonus is that you seldom have to walk home with leftovers.  

Pretzel Salad 

Among the dessert family, pretzel salad flies underneath the radar. Essentially, pretzel salad is three layers. The top layer is strawberry jello, the next layer is a cool whip, and the final layer is a pretzel-like crust. For those who don\’t know what pretzel salad is, bringing it to your next cookout or gathering will surely not disappoint. 

Community Beer

It is an unwritten rule that you are supposed to bring your beer at least to start when coming to cookouts. That way, you don\’t drink all of the host\’s beer. But, if you come to the cookout with enough beer for everyone, you immediately become the most popular guy at the cookout. 

Because it is the social norm that everyone brings dishes to cookouts, you don\’t have to be afraid to try something a little bit different. A great example of a delicious dish that flies under the radar because it sounds a little bit interesting is cranberry pepper jelly dip. Even though it sounds skeptical, the taste is fascinating. Plus, if you bring a dish like that to a cookout, there are several other dishes there so people won\’t go hungry. 

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