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Hi! My name is Stacey and I’m the founder of StacePlores. To begin with, I am a travel & tourism specialist and certified travel agent. In addition, I started this blog while studying to be an specialist in 2020 and discovered that this is my passion. Also, I realized that I wanted to do something different and wanted to try new things; that makes me happy and that could be useful to others, that's why I created StacePlores. Get in touch with me to help you plan your dream trip and/or adventure. I can help you to find reasonable prices to visit your dream destination & make your dream a reality!

3 Hacks To Have In Mind Before Booking

Like me, I know that most people would loke to know some hacks to have in mind before booking, making a reservation, or buying a flight. That’s why in this post I’ll be sharing some hacks that might be help you in your next adventure.

Research Before Booking

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For those who loves to travel or staying at hotels… researching is a very important thing to do before booking, why? Well, when we are about to book an hotel or to buy an airplane ticket we’re usually are so excited to go, that we don’t pay much attention to the details, mostly the little details. Therefore, we might not pay attention to the price, policies or requirements. That’s why you should take your time to research until you find the best deal for you!

One of my favorites it is Expedia!

Compare Prices

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When it comes to finances, we mostly want to save money or be in budget, that it is why it’s very important to know what you really want to buy, do and plan, to establish a budget and adapt that budget to what you wan to experience. Search for options after you decided your budget and set a maximum and minimum, that’ll help you more than what you think. And don’t pass up the good deals, be smart when shopping and booking!

I personally love to use Google Flights to compare prices!

Get Inspire & Prepare An Itinerary

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An itineray is a travel document recording a route or journey. After you did research and booked, it is time to prepare your itinerary. I recommend you to prepare and have your itinerary in paper and electronic, you never know what might happen! Write every detail but in a simple way to understand…

I like to use TripAdvisor to prepare an itinerary!

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