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3 Places To Go In North Carolina,USA For Free

Hi everybody how are you? I hope you are having an amazing day. As most of you know, I am Puerto Rican, but I have lived in North Carolina for almost 5 years, that is why in this post I want to share with you some of my favorite places to spend a relaxing day by myself and with family. In this post I will include my own photos. For those who didn’t know, lately I’ve been getting into photography and I’m learning, so don’t judge. Visit my online gallery, here! I’m a beginner photographer so I’m starting with the basics: “Canon EOS T100 Kit” and “Wireless Tripod”!

Lake Tomahawk Park, Black Mountain, North Carolina

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Scenic park featuring a lakeside trail, fishing pier & mountain views, plus tennis courts & a pool. Lake Tomahawk Park provides users a place to play, walk, swim, gather, commune and relax within a 16.3-acre parcel located centrally in Black Mountain. Lake Tomahawk is fed by Tomahawk Branch and spans 8.9 acres in size.The dam, which creates the lake itself, was constructed between 1933 and 1935. Since that time, a walking trail, numerous facilities, and several structures have been added around the lake to form the park you enjoy today.

I really love this park, is perfect to relax and have a great time with family and your loved ones. Plus, is beautiful and free, a perfect park to take pictures…

Lake Tomahawk Website!

Uptown Shelby, North Carolina

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I live near Uptown Shelby, so I’m there most of the time. Uptown Shelby is a small town but full of colors and beautiful and friendly people. I love to go for a walk in the afternoon and have a good time with my family. Also, I really enjoy taking photos there. Some of my favorite restaurants in Uptown Shelby are: “Pleasant City Wood Fire Grille” and “Mi Pueblito Mexican Restaurant”. And my favorite coffee shop is: “Lily Bean Coffee”, I personally love the Mocha Frappe. You can’t miss these places to have a good time with your family in the evenings!

Uptown Shelby Website!

Chimney Rock, Village In North Carolina

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Chimney Rock is a village in Rutherford County, North Carolina, United States. The population was 113 at the 2010 census. The village takes its name from a large granite outcropping located on a summit above the village itself in Chimney Rock State Park. I love to go and take a walk at the village, the people there are so kind, plus its beautiful it really gives you peace, plus I really loved to go and visit the Chimney Rock State Park. The centerpiece of Chimney Rock State Park is the 535-million-year-old monolith rock for which the Park is named. When you reach the Rock, you’ll be treated to 75-mile panoramic views of Hickory Nut Gorge. The Park is also home to a 400-foot waterfall, and there are great opportunities for wildlife viewing. Chimney Rock State Park is located southeast of Asheville on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina. Chimney Rock is just 27 miles from downtown Asheville.

Chimney Rock State Park Website!

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