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Where Are Some Of The Best Beaches In The World?

For those who did’t know I am Puertorican, so I’m an island girl even tho I live in the USA. In this post I’ll be sharing with you guys: In which countries or islands you can find some of the best beaches around the world!

Puerto Rico

guajataca tunnel in puerto rico
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How many beaches Puerto Rico has? There are over 270 miles of coastline in Puerto Rico. That translates into nearly 300 beaches to choose from! Sandy trails lead to stunning natural pools of crystalline waters that will leave you in awe, regardless of what you decide to do during your visit.

Does Puerto Rico have the best beaches? And, of course, some of the world’s best beaches. Puerto Rico is home to some of the most spectacular stretches of shoreline on Earth, from pristine white sand beaches and coral-rich snorkeling havens to crystal-clear swimming holes surrounded by immense, dramatic waves. Where is the clearest water in Puerto Rico? The beaches with the clearest waters in Puerto Rico include Tortuga Beach in Culebrita, Playa Pelícano in Caja de Muerto, Playa Caracas in Vieques, Cayo Aurora, Icacos Beach, and Gilligan’s Island.


Tanzania, Zanzibar

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Off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar is a paradise of pure white beaches and dolphin-spotting waters. Unguja, also known as Zanzibar Island, is the largest island, but it’s still only a two-hour drive from lively Nungwi Beach in the north to the peaceful Kizimkazi Beach in the south. Kendwa Beach is a stunning swimming spot in the daytime, and the flaming sunsets are worth waiting for. Head to Bwejuu Beach for blissful relaxation under the shade of a palm tree. The smaller island of Pemba offers more rustic accommodation, but the bath-temperature waters are blissful, and low-tide sandbanks are magical picnic spots.

Does Tanzania have any beaches? The mainland and islands along the coastline have some of the most stunning beaches in the world, with powder white sands and turquoise blue seas. The balmy temperatures are around 30 degrees centigrade throughout the year, making Tanzania and its islands the perfect beach getaway, whatever time of year you want to go.


Exmouth, Western Australia

brown mountain near blue sea under blue sky
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How many beaches Australia has? Australia has almost 12,000 beaches along its 60,000-kilometre (37,282-mile) coastline. The beaches in Exmouth are breathtaking and remote enough to qualify as hidden gems. The warm, clear waters are home to gentle loggerhead turtles, manta rays, and whale sharks. Ningaloo Reef rivals the Great Barrier Reef for sheer beauty, and you get to it simply by stepping off the white sand. Town Beach is ideal for a morning dip and popular with windsurfers. Take an umbrella and snorkel gear and drive to the pearlescent sands of Turquoise Bay, regularly voted Australia’s most beautiful beach. Nearby Sandy Bay is a pristine swimming and picnic spot, and you can walk to Osprey Bay, known to locals as ‘the aquarium’, where even the shallows are teeming with fish.



an aerial photography of waves crashing on shore
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How many beaches on Aruba? There are 40 beaches on Aruba for you to explore. We are very proud to report Aruba’s Eagle Beach has made the list once again! The popular soft white sand beach, with crystal clear turquoise water and a constant warm breeze, has come in at no. 7 on the list of the world’s best beaches. Each beautiful and unique in its own way. If dazzling sunsets, romantic beach dining, shipwrecks, and secluded coves are your thing, then it’s all here. The soft sands of Eagle Beach stretch far and wide, making it ideal if you’re looking for a quiet spot to sunbathe. The shack at Baby Beach serves fantastic seafood and your little ones will love the gentle waves and colorful fish.


West Maui, Hawaii

green trees on brown sand beach
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What is considered West Maui? The west side of Maui comprises areas like Ka’anapali, Lahaina, Napili, and Kapalua. It is more developed but can also be more crowded. This area of the island is very green and picturesque with lush mountains and tropical scenery wherever you look.

The western shores of this volcanic island have choose- your-own-adventure beaches, with scuba diving and whale watching to surfing the rollers and sipping cocktails. Turning everything up to 11, popular Kaanapali Beach near Lahaina is 3 miles of gold sands, shallow snorkeling, and at sunset watch cliff divers leap from Puu Kekaa (Black Rock). Quieter Kahekili Beach Park is just north of Kaanapali and has fantastic swimming and plenty of picnic spots—so it’s well worth a trip. Further north sits Napili and Kapalua beaches. They’re spectacular to look at, feel silky-smooth under bare feet, and are great for paddle boarding, snorkeling adventures. They’re both perfect sunset spots, too.


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