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Don't Know Where To Go Eat In North Carolina?

Hello everybody! How are you today? For those who don’t know I am from Puerto Rico but I live in North Carolina, and honestly I’m the type of person that doesn’t know where to go to eat. I’m the type of friend that you can’t never ask: What do you want to eat? But in this post I’m going to share with you some of my favorites restaurants, coffee shops, buba tea places… to go visit and have a great time with family/friends or loved ones.

1. Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille

Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille has been filling the streets of Uptown Shelby with the smell of burning wood and the sounds of good times since 2008. Boasting the only brick oven menu and most beer taps in Cleveland County, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds.

Here’s their website!

I love their food, my favorites at the moment are the “Margherita Pizza” , “Chicken Florentine Pizza”, and the “BBQ Chicken Salad”, everything her is so good.


2. Bubba’s 33

They say: “We make everything in-house from scratch, right down to the sauces on our wings and dressings on our salads. No kidding. Our patties are cooked medium well and served hot and juicy on a toasted bun. We went to school to learn how to build the perfect pizza. (And we have the certificate to prove it.) Even our ribeyes are a rare find: hand-cut, marinated, seasoned, seared and char-grilled to perfection. When all the other guys are feeding you frozen meals prepped in a warehouse miles away, we’re whipping up something fresh and delicious the whole family will enjoy”.

Here’s their website!

Everything here is so good and their pizza is in another level, full of taste!


3. Lily Bean Coffee & Creamery

Coffee beans are seasonal, so their coffee selection comes from different regions throughout the year.
 Once the beans reach LilyBean, they create a roast profile specifically for that batch.

It’s not just about the coffee. It’s about the friends you bump into at LilyBean. The ideas that are exchanged. The laughs that are shared. The new people you meet. LilyBean is not just located at the center of Shelby, it’s part of the heartbeat of the community. So whether you’re grabbing something to go or have time to stay a while, know that the coffee is just the beginning of another great day in Uptown Shelby.

Here’s their website!

They have a huge menu you can choose from or you can customize your drink.

I love their coffee so much, it taste like home. Not that long ago I discovered their “Matcha with Strawberry Cold Foam” is so good, a 10/10.


4. Booja Korean & Japanese Restaurant

Their business specializes in making delicious Korean food, tasty sushi, and has a selection of wine,
beer, sake, and cocktails!

Here’s their website!

If you like Korean & Japanese food this is the right place for you. Their food is so delicious. A perfect place to spend time with your loved ones.


5. Queen City Tea Bar

Their Story: “Growing up as best friends, we shared many interests, but it was our strong passion for tea that really brought us together and inspired us to provide a place to where people can experience health benefits and deliciousness of tea. Here at QCTeaBar, we offer complex teas with unique, infused flavors, delicious cold brew Vietnamese coffee, and refreshing fruit smoothies, which are all made in house using fresh, high-quality ingredients”.

Here’s their website!

Their Buba Tea and Slushies are so good. I love their “Taro Milk Tea” and their “Passion Fruit Slushie with Mango Jelly”, so good!


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