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Must Places To Visit In Colorado

Hello everyone, hope you’ll having a great day. In today’s post I’m going to share with you my personal and own itinerary for the weekend to visit Colorado, including prices, addreeses and more.

Flight & Stay

I decided to visit Colorado, from the 9th-11th of November 2023 cause I thought It’ll be a great time of the month to enjoy walks with a bit of snow through the towns and parks and it definetely was the best descicion. I found a good deal buying a roundtrip with Frontier Airlines (Nonstop) from CLT-DEN for $75.00 with taxes included. If you want to book a flight to visit Colorado for $69.00 in December, click here!

I found a good deal to stay in the “Hyat Place Denver Tech Center”. This hotel is normally booked and sold out. But if you make a reservation with time you really will enjoy your stay there. The breakfast was incredible, the personal was really friendly and kind, plus the hotel is super clean and modern. Super recommend it. This hotel is 29 minutes away from Denver International Airport so it’s really convenient if you’re planning to stay in the Denver area. There’s some deals depending of the day’s you’re deciding to stay, click here to find out more.

Places To Visit

There’s so many places to visit in Colorado but I was staying just for a few days, so I decided to visit the places that caught my attention. Everyone has different interest but for me, personally, nature is what calls me.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Just wow. This National Park is incredibly beautiful, it is breathtaking. I decided to visit it around 2 PM and it was the perfect time because there were almost no people. Plus the night before snowed so the mountains were covered of snow and it looked extremely pretty. I hiked a bit but some places were close due to the snow were covering and blocking the paths and trails, but it was totally worth it. The entrance fee per 1 day vehice was $30.00, buy your entrance here! You will enjoy every second you’re in the park. Can’t wait to go back.

Book personal and guide tours here to visit the Rocky Mountains.

Denver Zoo

Visiting the Denver Zoo it is a beautiful experience you can’t miss visiting if you are in the Denver area. The zoo by itself is so beautiful and even tho it is almost in the middle of the city, there’s so much nature and tress in the paths. The animals looks so happy and what I could notice they have enough space to play and feel free. You have to buy the tickets with time because they are limited per day. Online timed ticket reservations are required for entry. You will be asked to select a timed entry window during the online ticketing process. Those time periods starts at 10:00 a.m. with the last admission time window at 3:30p.m..

The general admission price is $15.75. Click here to buy your admission.

Favorite Diner

Moonlight Diner located just minutes from Denver International Airport, Moonlight Diner is the perfect spot for visitors to Denver and locals alike. Their extensive menu has everything that you could ever ask for in a diner. From breakfast all day with to die for pancakes, to classic diner food like liver & onions, to their slow smoked BBQ served with pit beans. Here is the menu!

I really enoyed this small vacations in Colorado. If you are interested or you need help to plan your next adventure including Colorado, you can get in touch with me, it’ll be my pleasure to help you!

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*All pictures in this article are took it by me*

Stacey M.

(Travel & Tourism Specialist)

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