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Hi! My name is Stacey and I’m the founder of StacePlores. To begin with, I am a travel & tourism specialist and certified travel agent. In addition, I started this blog while studying to be an specialist in 2020 and discovered that this is my passion. Also, I realized that I wanted to do something different and wanted to try new things; that makes me happy and that could be useful to others, that's why I created StacePlores. Get in touch with me to help you plan your dream trip and/or adventure. I can help you to find reasonable prices to visit your dream destination & make your dream a reality!

Websites You Should Use To Plan Your Trip

Hello travelers and adventurers. Hope you’ll are having an amazing beginning of week. In today’s post as I travel agent I’m going to share with you some of the best wesbites I use to book, compare prices, and plan trips. Hope this post is helpful to all those who plan to travel this year.

Research & Book

Researching is key to find and book the perfect trip. I specialize in find the best and most reasonable prices to plan my clients trips and adventure. Apart of using travel agent tools, I like using google flights, it helps me to compare prices between different airlines. But I mostly use it to find flexible dates for cheaper flights. I also like to use momondo, it is similar as google flights. But it is also a good option to keep in mind. But my favorite one to use as a travel agent it definitely is Expedia. As a travel agent you can apply to Expedia TAAP and it’s the only website that includes everything you need as a travel agent. Yes, sometimes it is a bit more expensier than other websites, but to me personally it is the best and never have failed me.

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Find Inspiration

If you don’t know where to go or where to travel it’s good to first look for inspiration, maybe in Pinterest, social media, travel blogs, etc… But if you already know the country or destination you want to visit, search for inspiration. It’s gonna help you so much to know better which places you should visit, and more. And if you want to explore and have the local experience, you should join facebook groups related to the country or place you’re visiting, is gonna help you so much to have an amazing experience.

Plan Your Itinerary

Planning is very imporant when it comes to travelling. Doing research, booking, and planning can be a bit stressful if you you don’t have the right tools. Something I personally like to do, it’s to write on a notebook every little detail, including dates, dates options (if I want to save money, I try to be flexible), addresses, airport codes, company names, confirmation numbers, etc… But a website or app I like to use to plan an itinerary apart of writing everything on a notebook, it is Notion. It is a really good website and app to keep everything organize, plus you can share your work with others, it’s amazing, I love it.

If you want me to help you and plan you’re next adventure, get in touch with me, it’ll be my pleasure to help you. Follow me on Instagram for daily content!

Stacey M.

(Travel & Tourism Specialist)

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